The breed

The Golden Retriever


The history of the Golden Retriever began in the Guisachan House in the Scottish Highlands, the home of Lord Tweedmouth, who in 1865 acquires the only yellow puppy named "Nous" out of a litter of black Wavy Coated Retriever born in 1864. Lord Tweedmouth's wish was to develop excellent Retrievers adapted to the rough climate, challenging grounds and the type of game in Scotland. He mated "Nous" with the Tweed Water Spaniel "Belle" in 1868 and 1871. Their yellow offspring, including "Crocus", "Cowslip" and "Primerose", represent the foundation of the Golden Retriever, recognized as a breed since 1911.

The gundog

The Golden Retriever is well known as a pet dog thanks to its gentleness and docility. However, it is above all a gundog, more precisely a retriever. He’s used to find and to retrieve small game after the shot.


To accomplish these tasks, he must have several qualities, namely the intelligence and passion for hunting and retrieving, the perfect balance between calmness and temperament, excellent marking abilities, a soft mouth, a good nose and endurance to find the shot game, as well as a lot of will to please to work as a team with his handler.

The breeding standard

You will find the actual breeding standard on the website of the Federation Cynologique Internationale.


In addition to the aesthetic points of the breeding standard, it is essential that the health, physical condition as well as the morphology of the Golden Retriever allow to efficiently fulfil its functions as a gundog.