P Litter

Bella x Ben


Trialer FR Think Twice Ginger Tam's Bella Coola has been mated beginning of September by FTW Bell Oktave Benjamin. Eight puppies are born on Novembre 8th, 2018. Djinji, Opium, Nondi, Peanut, Penny, Jaina, Pastis and Lou joined all their new families.


Here you will find the pedigree of the puppies : k9data P-Litter 

Other pictures of the litter @ Zülf Photography

TrFr Think Twice Ginger Tam's Bella Coola

Souter Fennel x ItFtCh Pixie Dixie and Jinks the Cat


Approved bitch FCL/FCI



HD : B 

ED : 0/0

Eyes incl. Gonio : Clear

prcd_PRA, GR_PRA 1 & 2 : Clear



8.10.2017 Charleroi, Working Class : 1st Very Good

4.11.2017 Metz, Working Class : 2nd Very Good 



Wesentest, JP/R, JEP, TAN, Sélectif B, Working Test Beginner & Novice, Mock Trial Novice, Field Trial Winner à la Française (CACT, ResCACT), hunting practice


FTW Bell Oktave Benjamin

IntFtCh Birdsgreen Simply Flint x Chieldmarc Countess


Approved stud dog ÖRC/FCI



HD : A

ED : 0

OCD : Clear

Eyes : Clear 



7.03.2015 IHA Graz, Intermediate Class : Very good




Field Trial Winner Open (CACT/ResCACT, CACIT/ResCACIT), Dummy Trial Open, Working Test Open, hunting practice