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Briefly ...

Djinnji @ 18 months
Djinnji @ 18 months

Djinnji is not only the first bitch born under my kennel name, but she has also been very quickly my favourite one of the litter. With her energetic, playful and soft character, she’s always looking for contact. She’s very attentive and responsive and already as a pup she instinctively and joyfully retrieved everything she found. Djinnji is the bitch which I had very quickly a very special bond with !


At work, Djinnji is keen, responsive and fast. She 's a whirlwind and reveals a well-developed drive and hunting passion, that she will have to learn to channel over time.


Her out of the ordinary name comes from djinn. Djinns are supernatural, invisible creatures that can transform into different forms, including animal forms, and have the power to influence spiritually and mentally the humans.


Date of birth : Novembre 8th, 2018


HD : B

ED : 0/0

Eyes incl. Gonio : frei

Dentition : Full dentition, scissor bite


DNA Profile done

GR_PRA 1 (Progressive retinal atrophy) : Clear

GR_PRA 2 (Progressive retinal atrophy) : Clear

prcd_PRA  (Progressive retinal atrophy) : Clear

ICT-A (Ichthyosis) : Carrier

MD (Muscular dystrophy) : Clear

DM (Degenerative myelopathy) : Clear

NCL (Neuronal ceroid lipifuscinosis) : Clear