Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Tequila Bang Bang


14/07/2007 - 21/06/2021

After a wonderful 13 years, Calou's health has deteriorated at lightning speed. On June 21, 2021, at exactly 13.94 years of age, I had to make the most painful for me, but also the fairest decision for him to let him go. Calou, the instigator of my passion for Retrievers, will forever and ever remain unforgotten in my heart !

Briefly ...

Calou comes from the Kennel Feelgood Lazaryzou in France. He was supposed to become "just" a pet but it came quite different. He's the perfect family dog and has an increased need to be next to it. He is a clown and never misses an opportunity to make us laugh.


Despite excellent natural abilities, he has a very independent character. He loves to hunt, but this above all for his own pleasure. With his energetic, joyful and playful character, he became our sunshine.


Thanks for all that you are, for all that you taught me and for all that you still will teach me ...


1st choise stud dog (RCF)


HD : A/A

ED : 0/0

Eyes : Free


DNA profile done

PRA-prcd : Clear

GR_PRA 1 : Clear by parentage


Show & Work

Calou Show & Work & Training EN.pdf
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