TrFr Think Twice Ginger Tam's Bella Coola


Briefly ...

I was looking for her for a long time, but destiny always decided something else. Now we can say that "good things happen to those who wait". Today I do not regret to have taken my time ! Against all odds, I decided to get a bitch that is partially out of Field Trial lines.


Bella is born on March 5th, 2012 at the Kennel Think Twice in Italy and is part of our family since May 5th, 2012. It's a girl full of life, always in a good mood, full of sweetness, tenderness, a lot of will to please, and this without lack of character and initiative when needed.


Bella is my first real working dog. We have grown and progressed together and the biggest part of her weaknesses reflects my own lack of experiences and flaws. Nevertheless, she fulfils all the required abilities of an excellent Retriever.

Today Bella is not only a reliable gundog, but also the foundation of my kennel. She has opened new doors to new horizons, new goals and new projects.


Date of birth : March 5th, 2012


HD : B 

ED : 0/0

Eyes incl. Gonio : Clear

Teeth : M3 left & right missing


DNA profile done

GR_PRA 1 : Clear

GR_PRA 2 : Clear

prcd_PRA : Clear

Heart : Clear


8.10.2017 Charleroi (CACIB), Working Class : 1st Very Good

4.11.2017 Metz (CAC), Working Class : 2nd Very Good


Wesenstest : Character and behavior test (DRC / CCC)

JP/R : Cold Game Test for young dogs (DRC / CCC)

JEP : Hunting Abilities Test (CCC)

TAN : Natural Abilities Test (RCF)

Sélectif B : Selection test that gives access to Field Trials in France (RCF)

BLP/R : Hunting Test on Cold Game (DRC)

Working Tests : Beginners, Novice

Mock Trial : Novice

Field Trial à la Française (1 x 1st EXC CACT , 1 x 2nd EXC ResCACT, 1 x NC, 1 x RET, 3 x EL)


Trialer à la Française

Hunting Practice

Bella's hunting practice is limited to work after the shot.


When we get the opportunity, we participate on some picking-up days during the hunting season on small game. Bella is also joining me while I'm hunting on small game.


When needed we are also working blood tracks, but only on dead big game. If we don't find the game after a short distance, we leave it to a blood track specialist.


Sire : Souter Fennel

Dam : ItFtCh Pixie Dixie and Jinks the Cat


5 generation pedigree : K9data