My breeding philosophy

Breeding has the purpose to preserve the qualities of a breed by choosing carefully the matings. My goal is to breed even-tempered, healthy, working passionned and according to the breeding standard Golden Retrievers. The matings out of my kennel are therfore also planned following these criteria. Both parents are always controlled on hip and elbow dysplasia and also on eye diseases. They respect both the FCI breeding standard. The health results of eventual offsprings, siblings and ancestors are also analysed with help of the given possibilities.


But we should also be aware about an important criteria that the breeder is neither able to influence, nor to predict, namely mother nature. Even if the breeder does a rigorous selection, it will always be mother nature that will have the last word !


Before I plan a litter with a bitch I always proceed to a complete veterinarian health check-up (blood analysis, gynecology, heart and other vital organs) in order to confirm that her health alows it.


In order to allow an optimal development to the puppies, the necessary foundation will be laid during the sensitive period. They live and grow up with us in our house and outside in the garden, and will get their first imprintings to various acoustic, tactile, optical and olfactory stimuli. The puppies out of my kennel are not only excellent hunting partners on small game, but thanks to their balanced characters and their will to please, also very good family dogs. Using them as gundogs is not an obligation, but they need to be mentally and physically stimulated and to live their working passion and will to please actively together with their master.


My kennel is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale  and respects the breeding regulations of the Fédération Cynologique Luxembourgeoise. The puppies will move to their new families with pedigree, passport and veterinary certificate of good health. They will be dewormed, vaccinated and identified with a chip.