Our breeding philosophy

Breeding is a profession involving a lot of responsabilities with the purpose to support a positive development of the breed by choosing carefully the matings.


My goal is to breed even-tempered, healthy, working passionned and according to the FCI breeding standard Golden Retrievers. The matings out of my kennel are therfore also planned following these criteria.


In order to allow a good development to the puppies, I strive to socialize them at best. They live and grow up with us in our house and outside in the garden, and will get their first imprintings to various acoustic and optical stimuli, ground types and small game species.


My kennel is recognized by the FCI and respects the breeding regulations of the FCL. The puppies will move to their new families with pedigree, passport and veterinary certificate of good health. They will be dewormed, vaccinated and chiped.

Open your eyes when buying a puppy

Don't support puppy farms, inform yourself !