About me

My story

Since my childhood, I have always lived surrounded with pets, both dogs and cats. However, I have always had a preference for dogs. Blacky, our German Pointer/Labrador Mix was the dog that had the biggest impact on my life. He lived with us for eleven wonderful years and the day we had to let him go, I thought I would never find again the strength and courage for this very special attachment. Today I could not imagine living without dogs.


While I was impatiently waiting for Calou's arrival, I discovered the Golden Retriever. I did courses, assisted births, discovered the different facets and qualities of the different Retriever breeds and realised that they are much more than just pets. Five years later, Bella arrived at home, and since then the Golden Retriever became a passion.


In the meantime I am one of those who believes that the Goldens to be recognized for what they are foremost ... gundogs ! 


First of all I would like to thank Fabienne (Feelgood Lazaryzou) and Laura (Think Twice), that by entrusting me a dog out of their kennel, gave me the opportunity to discover the Golden Retriever with his multiple facets and to achieve my dreams. Without them I would not be here today !


Thanks to all those that I have not mentioned, but also play an important role on my way to here. I think they will recognize themselves. I hope that we still will continue this way together for a long time !